Construction of Self Storage units


Design, manufacture and assembly of storage rooms for Self Storage projects. Construction of storage units in different finishes. Robust finishes for an innovative image. Discover the best materials for your business.

We use the best materials for your Self Storage project

Design, manufacture and assembly of storage rooms to turn your facilites into a state-of-the-art business. An assigned project manager works with you to design the most cost effective Self Storage for your business, taking into account all possible parameters to obtain the maximum profitability per m² complying with current regulations


The lockers in the Self Storage rental business are a common construction element. Every day they represent a more important percentage in the business of storage rooms rental for their high demand and profitability.



The roller is a specific production blind for larger storage rooms. It allows easier access to the interior of the storage room.

It is a semi-automatic door. With a minimal effort the closure moves automatically.


Folding doors

The most requested for its robustness and versatility.

Suitable for all storage sizes. Made of 0.8mm thick steel with additional reinforcements for maximum durability.



Security locks with an elegant finish. Made of mirror steel, they have an additional locking system for unpaid.

Also ask us about our electronic locks with pin code or our access locks with RFID proximity security card.


Aisle tray

A decorative element, but also functional. It is used to carry the wires and support the lights of the corridors, giving your center a clean and new look.


Reinforcement for corridors

In the corridors and corners reinforcements of checker aluminum sheet are installed with high mechanical resistance, and resistant to corrosion.

It is a fundamental piece to protect us from the bumps of cars and maintain the installation as the first day.



We use this mesh to protect the interior of the storage rooms, maintaining the regulation of interior ventilation, but confining the space, giving a feeling of security to your future customers.

Everything is possible

Imagine your project, tell us, and we will work to get a different, modern and profitable Self Storage rental business.


+34 916 817 308


Head office: Calle de la Resina 41, nave 1
28021 Madrid

North office: Calle G. Marconi 80
33211 Gijón, Asturias

South office: Avenida de la Prensa, 39
41007 Sevilla, Andalucía

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