Engineering for Self Storage

Licences and permits are an essential part of the first phase of the self-storage construction project. We need to get the building permits, hire a company for the
civil building sites, safety and health plan, fire safety standard, …

This type of procedure tends to be long and complex. To do this we begin to
provision for agility and facilitation of these business processes.

Where do we start?

The technical feasibility study

We ensure that a project for Self Storage is possible through a technical feasibility study, vital for the success of your business. These are the main data to consider to formulate your study prior to the manufacture of your storage rooms. From this data, we prepare a report where we tell you an YES or NO to implement the business.

Consultoría y tramitación de licencias Ssolid

Facility characteristics

It evaluates the status and situation of the premises, square meters, location, population ratio, competition, … With the data obtained, they are entered into a statistical program with the existing business database.

Consultoría y tramitación de licencias Ssolid

Economic and financial data

A financial study of profitability of the business is carried out. Objective of occupation, amortization of the investment, profitability to 5 years, … We evaluate the investment results before we start.

Consultoría y tramitación de licencias Ssolid

Statistical and occupancy data

The design of the project will provide data on profitability, fixed costs, occupancy, rented m² , average rent, … The design of storage rooms in the Self Storage business is a fundamental factor for their profitability

Fabricacion y construccion de trasteros Self Storage Ssolid

Requirements to start a Self Storage rental business

Whatever the procedure, the application for a licence shall be accompanied by a technical document which shall include information such as the location of the activity, the total, partial areas and their uses, the necessary installations, ventilation, …

Detailed justification shall be provided for compliance with fire, accessibility, noise protection, energy efficiency and electrical and sanitary water supply systems.

Are you ready to go?

Let’s build this together!



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