Management software  for Self Storage

A comprehensive management software solution for storage room rental businesses. Several modules with different functions. ATENEA is the first ERP that covers all the needs of a Self Storage business.

One ERP. Several solutions.

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Business management

Specialized ERP module for the management of self-storage rentall business. It has a specific design for the daily management of your activity, helping to make simple management in less time, making all the data accessible with a single click.

Consultoría y tramitación de licencias Ssolid

Commercial management

CRM module for the commercial management of customers of your Self Storage. It allows to observe the state of the business by means of detailed reports of the main activity ratios, with the objective of taking the best decisions to obtain greater return.
Consultoría y tramitación de licencias Ssolid

System management

Module that integrates and manages the different systems installed. It allows to manage advanced security systems in a simple and automated way. It integrates several subsystems, (security and accesses, video surveillance, PA, virtual doorman,…)


System Integration

The SIS System Integration Module for Self Storage Software designed by SSolid is the first comprehensive system management module. Fully adaptable and customizable to the needs of each center, various systems can be integrated at the request of the user, so that their updates are enjoyed by all our customers.

The main advantage of having a comprehensive management software, is the ease with which the center can be adapted to the new needs of the market, as well as the particular needs of each customer, or each storage facility. Our ERP is designed to manage everything.


Time saving

Easy to use. Easy to access

Increases profitabilty

Compilance and flexibility

How can Atenea help you?

Rental management
It manages the boxes rented, reserved, free… It includes the rental contracts, prices and active promotions for each of the storage rooms of your center. We also include an interactive map of your centre to make management more visual.

Managing your sales opportunities has never been easier. We integrate a CRM module from which you can track, create customer tabs, and even make mass mailings.

Access control

Our ERP module communicates with our access controller. You can give and deny access to customers via card or PIN code, assign an individual alarm code, or see who comes in and who leaves at any time.


Keep your center’s billing up to date in an easy and convenient way. Invoices are generated automatically in the periods you set, generate your remittances, stock, order control … Everything by hand.

Business intelligence

The state of your center at a glance. Athena automatically tracks your percentage of occupancy, income, opportunities, average price per square meter rented…

And much more...

If you need to create different users with different profiles and access permissions, you can do so with our Atenea management software. We also include a calendar to not forget your appointments, we personalize your invoices and contracts, …


Are you looking for an ERP Self Storage?

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