Security and

access control


SSolid offers a comprehensive security system. All security and access systems are managed from a single platform, based on the latest existing security technology.

All modules are connected and synchronized with each other through ATENEA, our management system, so that an event in the system generates alerts and interacts with all modules. System security is complete.

A comprehensive security system
for your Self Storage

Consultoría y tramitación de licencias Ssolid

Individual alarm

A system to differentiate you from the competition. The storage alarm module is also integrated with the security system. After a user accesses Self Storage, the individual alarm will be disconnected.
Consultoría y tramitación de licencias Ssolid

Access control

With only needing neither a PIN numerical code or an RFID security card, users of Self Storage can access their storage room automatically and securely when passing through the reader of the entrance.

Consultoría y tramitación de licencias Ssolid

Security system

A unique and secure system. Our security module is integrated and synchronized with access control. When a user accesses into Self Storage, it automatically disconnects the security alarm, and reconects when leaving.
Consultoría y tramitación de licencias Ssolid


The video-surveillance module is also integrated with the security system. The system automatically generates logs of all users who access its storage room, to have it always controlled. Your safety in the best hands.

Discover our premium alarm

Unique in the sector. Differentiate yourself from the competitors using our best alarm. An individual alarm for each of the storage rooms, which will be deactivated when the user accesses the centre. Give your business added value.

Self Storage Security

We have a variety of modules to complete and distinguish with innovative features your Self Storage, thanks to our partner company: Ares Seguridad. All of this modules are integrated in the management system, providing your business with added value functionalities.


Don’t let anything to chance

Security when renting a storage room is the most valued item by users. Therefore the security module is composed of several security points to ensure the detection of an intrusion.

A system built on the safety theory of concentric circles. Security alarms in the entrances, detection in the corridors, and individual alarm in each storage room.

Each module is integrated into the management system, so that the center has the highest security technology, with an automated and simple use for users.


Access point

Security access to the storage room is the first and main control point for secure and automated access to the facility. In the access the user is identified by a numeric code or an RFID proximity card.

If the user is authorized to access (the user is identified and authorized to access, the user is current payment, etc.) The system will correctly identify you and automatically allow you access by disconnecting the Self Storage security filters.

Do you want a safe facility?

We’re the ones to help you!


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Head office: Calle de la Resina 41, nave 1
28021 Madrid

North office: Calle G. Marconi 80
33211 Gijón, Asturias

South office: Avenida de la Prensa, 39
41007 Sevilla, Andalucía

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