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Self Storage

consulting services

We are specialized in the creation of storage rental business for Self Storage.  Our consultants will provide you  advice in key phases to ensure the success of the business. Turnkey of a self storage business. Feasibility study, licenses, construction, until its implementation.  A complete business plan.

Turnkey of a Self Storage business

SSolid is much more than just a warehouse construction and manufacturing company for Self Storage. Expert advisors, specialized in each of the different phases of execution, help you to create a business of storage rooms rental, providing the necessary tools to obtain the greatest profitability and success in the business.

Consultoría y tramitación de licencias Ssolid

Economic feasibility

We help you to know if your project will be profitable or not before starting with it. Undertake with the security of recovering your investment in a short time.

Consultoría y tramitación de licencias Ssolid

Consulting and training

You don’t know where to start? Lean on our team of expert consultants, who will help you set strategies and goals to consolidate your business.

Consultoría y tramitación de licencias Ssolid

Online marketing

Consolidate your business image and start at the top with our online marketing services. We give you the tools to help you establish yourself in the digital world.

Consultoría y tramitación de licencias Ssolid

Target tracking

We do not abandon you once you start your activity. We stand by your side, advising you and setting the necessary guidelines to make your business succed.


Is the rental of storage rooms a profitable business?

For a self storage business project, the first step we take is to confirm the economic viability of the establishment. We carry out a small market research to know the circumstances of the location and the market of the area. We propose a project fully adapted to the surrounding environment, to ensure from the first moment that your business will be a success.

We support you from the first moment so you can secure your investment and get the best return in the shortest time.


How do I do to make myself known to my clients?

Become visible. Our marketing team will help you develop a strategy and define your business image in the online world, as well as through direct marketing actions. We create your website, establish and maintain advertising campaigns, and much more.

If you have already some knowdlege in the self storage field, or if it is your first project, our technical and creative team can bring you a lot of ideas and solutions to help you set up your business using digital marketing tools. Our specialization in the storage rental sector will make the difference.


Where do I start with my self-storage business?

We give you the keys to run a Self Storage business. We provide the necessary training so that the usual mistakes are not made due to lack of experience, and the centre reaches the point of profitability as soon as possible.

We show you all the sales techniques you will need to get the maximum occupancy in reduced times, to know the process to transform a potential customer into a sale, and to keep track of your potential customers to optimize your conversion ratio among others. You can ask us all your questions. We are here to help you.

Fabricacion y construccion de trasteros Self Storage Ssolid


We will be happy to study your case and provide you with a global project with everything you need. Whether it’s your first project or your 13th project, we can help you turn that space, warehouse or building into a modern, cost-effective self-storage facility.

The manufacture of storage rooms, our automation systems for your storage business and our consulting service, will help you to invest easily and safely.

Our consulting team

It is a dynamic business, which offers many possibilities to make the investment profitable. It is a sector where different business strategies can be proposed, for entrepreneurs and investment groups with financial muscle
Raul Ocaña

CEO, SSolid

From the first moment I focus on customizing the strategy of the center with an economic and market study, set goals and following them to help our customers. We work mainly on creating the need for the potential customers.
Montse Fernández

Consulting, SSolid

The technical feasibility study is the first step to ensure that our facility or warehouse can be turned into a Self Storage business.
 This is the most important step and the one which help us before making any additional investment or work.
Borja Rodriguez

Architect, SSolid

Are you ready to go?

Let’s build this together!


+34 916 817 308


Head office: Calle de la Resina 41, nave 1
28021 Madrid

North office: Calle G. Marconi 80
33211 Gijón, Asturias

South office: Avenida de la Prensa, 39
41007 Sevilla, Andalucía

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